FAU Geosciences

Community Outreach through Art and Science

It is important to belong to your community and actively learn and participate in your environment. I have partnered and established relationships with several Florida organizations for community activism, pro bono GIS analysis, and guest speaker presentations including the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades, The CLEO Institute, and Manatee Lagoon. This outreach allows me to maintain innovative applications while providing students, public officials, and the general public with opportunities to become better informed about environmental issues. My most recent project combines art and activism to engage the public in environmental awareness at one of the only places in the world where we can see manatees aggregating in the wild, Manatee Lagoon. Students ages 6-12 carry out art projects while learning about Florida’s animals and environmental concerns such as our changing climate, coastal and marine degradation, and Everglades restoration. Below are samples of my art projects for children.

HC_beach HC_seastar HC_dolphin

HC_gator HC_jellies HC_honu

HC_clownfish_tang HC_octopus HC_spotted_ray

HC_shark HC_ship


For anyone interested in producing the above work, please find my step-by-step painting instructions here: